Friday, March 30, 2007

Sober Assessment from an outspoken U.S. general - U.S. Military 'In Peril': McCaffrey - 03/29/07 20:01: "“I do not believe the most senior military leadership spoke up in an adequate manner … to the Congress, to the American people, to the DoD leadership in particular, about the shortfalls in resources,” he said. “No one with a brain in his or her head thinks that the U.S. Army isn’t now progressively starting to come apart.
He cited problems with the Army’s equipment readiness and availability, as well as the quality of the recruits coming in, many of whom continue to be the best young kids in America, [but] some of whom are now without question drug addicts, non-high school graduates, [with] felony arrest records, etc.
“We have written off the NCO education system to a large extent, and to some extent we’re doing the same thing to officer training. So the readiness of the force, unequivocably and in the minds of most observers, is starting to unravel on us.”"

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