Sunday, March 11, 2007

Zbig on America's "Second Chance" after Bush2

Brzezinski has been a trenchant and prescient critic of the invasion of Iraq, and the amateurish and dangerous course that George Bush has followed for the past six years. This should be an important volume.
"Mr. Brzezinski’s verdict on the current president’s record — “catastrophic,” he calls it — is nothing short of devastating. And his overall assessment of America’s current plight is worrying as well: “Though in some dimensions, such as the military, American power may be greater in 2006 than in 1991, the country’s capacity to mobilize, inspire, point in a shared direction and thus shape global realities has significantly declined. Fifteen years after its coronation as global leader, America is becoming a fearful and lonely democracy in a politically antagonistic world.”"

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