Saturday, April 28, 2007

Justice in Egypt

"Military tribunal of detained Muslim Brotherhood members opens quietly
By Alexandra Sandels
First Published 4/27/2007
CAIRO: A military tribunal of 33 detained top members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) reportedly under deep secrecy at Heikstep Military Court Complex outside Cairo on Thursday morning.
"The trial, regarded as one of the largest military tribunals, was ordered by the military prosecutor on Wednesday following a criminal court decision to release some of the Brotherhood’s top figures currently in detainment, say members of the Brotherhood.
"The brief court session got off to a choppy start after only a single defence lawyer attended court, prompting the tribunal to postpone hearing defendants' pleas until June, security sources reportedly told Reuters.
"According to sources, the defense lawyers were not notified of the trial and learned from their clients. A number of lawyers are said to have boycotted the trial in protest.
“We haven't been officially notified about this trial. The whole thing looks suspicious,” defense lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud told the Associated Press agency."

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