Saturday, April 21, 2007

Politics within in the house

"These disputes are illogical, as someone is against his uncle while sons are prepared to oppose their fathers. These disputes must stop," the local press quoted His Highness the Amir as telling a meeting of senior ruling family members Saturday.
"All of you want to become ministers. You are fighting and playing out your disputes in the media," His Highness the Amir said, according to the press.
Official media in Kuwait made no reference to the meeting, which was attended by about 200 family members aged 40 and above.
His Highness the Amir denied reports he planned to suspend Parliament or the country''s 1962 Constitution.
"I have no intention amend or suspend the Constitution or dissolve Parliament," he said.
Veteran opposition lawmaker Ahmad AlـSaadoun, a threeـtime Speaker, warned last week against such a move, telling a public rally that suspending the Constitution would be "a coup against the regime which we will confront, regardless of the consequences."

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