Thursday, May 31, 2007

Security Council votes to establish Hariri assassination tribunal

UNSC Resolution 1757 was passed by a 10-0 vote, with five abstentions including Russia and China (both of which could have vetoed the resolution). The resolution is specifically under the auspices of Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, which reads, in part:

Article 42 (of Chapter Seven)

Should the Security Council consider that measures provided for in Article 41 would be inadequate or have proved to be inadequate, it may take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade, and other operations by air, sea, or land forces of Members of the United Nations.

Security Council votes to establish Hariri assassination tribunal

The question now is what will happen after June 10, which is the deadline that the resolution establishes for action by the Lebanese parliament.


Biby Cletus said...

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Anonymous said...

What will happen is that Assad and Hassan Nasrallah have just pissed in their pants a little.

Lebanon is on its way away from Syrian hegemony and meddling; Hizballa will be declawed and forced to recognize Lebanon's diversity and play by the rules of that diversity (meaning no chance for them to impose their uncouth medieval racist monocultural worldview on a mosaic like Lebanon); and Syria will go back to the more equitable (and tame) pre-1936 configuration, i.e., Alawis, Druze, Damascus, and Aleppo autonomous regions that will live in peace side by side, and put to rest their silly nazi-style irredentist impulses.

What will happen is bye bye failed Arab nationalism, and bye bye western "scholars" who have staked their careers on intellectualzing that silly brutal reductionist ideology.