Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blind support

A few days prior to the invasion I had dinner with a famous and highly respected Sunni politician from Iraq. He had just come from the White House and Washington and he was very optimistic about the future. I told him, "they don't have clue what they are doing." He replied, "of course, they have plans, but they cannot share them with me." I assured him "that they don't know what they are doing."
The cluelessness of the Bush adminstration was apparently also obvious to PM Blair, which makes his support for Bush and the war plans truly blind support.

Blair knew US had no post-war plan for Iraq | Politics | The Observer: "In one of the most significant interviews in the programme, Peter Mandelson says that the Prime Minister knew the preparations were inadequate but said he was powerless to do more.

'Obviously more attention should have been paid to what happened after, to the planning and what we would do once Saddam had been toppled,' Mandelson tells The Observer's chief political commentator, Andrew Rawnsley, who presents the documentary."

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