Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Solidere: 'Vigilantism under color of law'

This is an important investigative report on Solidere, highlighted by As'ad AbuKhalil on his Angry Arab blog. Solidere is the quasi-public company created by the late Rafiq al-Hariri to rebuild the central downtown area of Beirut. Property owners have long complained about Solidere's practices, including the undervaluation of private property seized by the corporation, and fulsome corruption of various sorts. Read this piece to get a sense of the charges against Solidere as well as the debate surrounding it decision to extend its activities outside of Lebanon to the Gulf.
As'ad AbuKhalil reports the article provoked some fierce complaints from the US embassy.

The Daily Star - Lebanon Examiner - Solidere: 'Vigilantism under color of law'

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