Monday, August 13, 2007

Most interesting story of the day from Lebanon

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João said...

Dear August,

My name is João Batista Jr., I am a brazilian journalism student who is doing a project about Hezbbolah and the lebaneses that adopted Brazil as a nation.

I read the book Hezbollah whose you are the author, the best one so far during my reseach - that´s why I decided to write you.

The project that I am workink on is academic based and has the pourpose of become a book.

The aspects that I am focused is the way the group obtain money to opperate.

I had interviwed people here in Brazil that assumed sending money to H - wicht is not accepted to them as a terrorist inclination. They trully believe the group has an important role in Lebanon as an social agent.

I sent you 2 e.mails in order to ask if you can give a short interview about this theme. It would be very important for my studies.

Can I send you some questions? If so, in which e.mail?

Thanks very much,
João Batista Jr.