Saturday, October 06, 2007

War court prosecutor quits post

If the men being held in Git-mo have committed war crimes or engaged in despicable acts of violence, and some probably have, they have earned prosecution for their crimes. However, the military commissions established to try them have are best distinguished as arbitrary and utterly susceptible to manipulation for political motives. The latest resignation, this time by the chief prosecutor, will provide more grist for defense attorneys challenging the fundamental justice of the system. What the Bush administration has succeeded in doing is underlining precisely why those now detained in Git-mo should have been tried in the federal criminal justice system, notwithstanding the probable exclusion of evidence obtained by techniques that resemble torture. In turn, a corrollary to the failure of the military commissions is that had sophisticated techniques of interrogation been employed--rather than torture--the adminstration would not have trapped itself in a process that evokes ridicule and contempt for justice at the hands of the U.S.
War court prosecutor quits post - Los Angeles Times

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