Sunday, February 03, 2008

Green civil society in Bahrain

On February 2, I enjoyed meeting Ms. Khalwa al-Muhannadi, the President of the Friends of the Environment Society in Bahrain. This is a grassroots organization of volunteers motivated by the deterioration of the environment in Bahrain. In the memory of young adults, sweet water springs have been lost or contaminated, the shore line has been altered dramatically, and rich marine ecosystems have deteriorated. This society is an of citizen activism that is both impressive and encouraging. My impression is a significant slice educated twenty and thirty somethings in the Gulf support this and similar groups. As yet, the successes of the Bahraini group have been limited to raising ecology awareness and educating school children. Presently, they are focusing on the plague of the plastic bag. Their website includes English and Arabic sections.
A new website will be up in a few days, and I will the link when it is available.
اصدقاء البيئة

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