Friday, March 07, 2008

Martin Peretz finds toughness in Obama

Among the musings in this article is Peretz is that the "clear-headed" Dennis Ross might end up as Obama's Secretary of State. This is hardly reassuring to anyone who believes there is little merit in replacing an ineffectual Republican Secretary of State with an ineffectual Democrat. Ross, Bill Clinton's point man in Arab-Israeli peace negotiations, proved an out-of-kilter mediator whose greatest success arguably allowing Bibi Netanyahu to scrap the Oslo accords. While Ross has periodically bemoaned the current Bush administration's inattention to the Arab-Israeli conflict, his own modest record of success does not add up to a very impressive job application.
Peretz, however, reasons that Ross is a reformed peace processor who has seen the error of his ways, and no longer succumbs to the delusion that peace may be won merely by the U.S. insisting on Israeli concessions. Perhaps so, but how does that qualify Dennis Ross to be Secretary of State?

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