Friday, August 15, 2008

Ergenekon benefits: generals disappear from media and prison food improves

Retired generals vanish from scene: "Jail food just got better

"Meanwhile, inmates and employees of Kandıra Prison in Kocaeli report satisfaction over the higher quality of food now available to them, which they say happened thanks to a large number of high-profile Ergenekon suspects, including retired senior generals.

"And wards at the Kocaeli prison say that the food has improved since retired senior generals Şener Eruygur, who also heads the Atatürk Thought Association (ADD), and Hurşit Tolon were moved to the prison. The inmates say that, in addition to the higher quality, the amount of meat in meals has also significantly increased.

"However, soon the senior generals will be moved to another prison in Silivri, after which inmates and prison wards fear that the food will return to its former state. Current guests at Kandıra Prison include superstars of the crime world such as Sedat Peker, Alattin Çakıcı, Erol Evcil and Vedat Ergin. Ogün Samast, the teenager who shot dead Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in 2007 - a crime of which Ergenekon is also suspected -- is also an inmate at Kandıra prison.""

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