Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rice on her seventh pathetic trip since November 2007 to Israel-Palestine

Quite aside from the fact that Israeli politics is obviously absorbed with life after Ehud Olmert, the Secretary of State's tepid criticism of Israel's unrelenting colonization of the West Bank is simply embarrassing. Can she possibly think that her admonitions make a bit of difference? Israeli political leaders are quite used to such comments, which are in the same league as winks and nods. If Bush and Rice are serious, and I mean not simply saying they are serious but intent on seeing progress in the negotiations, then their barks need to accompanied by some bites.
When the President, even the Secretary of State, is willing to adopt a forceful position opposing settlements, underlining how U.S. aid facilitates their construction, demanding that Israel close the "illegal settlements" (albeit a redundancy) as they long ago promised, and emphasizing that the U.S. is ready to start discussions with Israel over a plan to relocate most of the colonists to within the 1967 borders of Israel, then you will know that they are being serious.
Until then it is just a waste of jet fuel, and yet another exercise in wane diplomacy by an official who is only slightly less disappointing than the president she serves.

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Rice in Ramallah, August 26, 2008.  

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