Saturday, October 04, 2008

The New Yorker endorses Obama. No surprise, but...

the endorsement is in the form of a well-argued and thoughtful essay that deserves your attention. For the most part, I do not devote much space on this blog to U.S. politics. However, given the impact of America's actions on the rest of the world, this is an election with enormous global stakes. As someone who has voted for Republican and Democratic candidates in previous elections, I did not dismiss John McCain's candidacy out-of-hand. Now, after months and months of observation, it is so very clear neither McCain nor his pitifully under-qualified running mate are intellectually or temperamentally equipped to address the tough challenges that await the next U.S. president. This is not the time for a shoot-from-the-hip president or a Vice President who will need remedial instruction. In short, the choice is obvious and the case is well made by the New Yorker.
The Choice: Comment: The New Yorker

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