Monday, November 17, 2008

Egypt's Judges Club speaks out on professional syndicates

While the Egyptian government has succeeded in co-opting and corrupting some judges, the courts remain an important source of resistance to the regime's arbitrary law-making and disdain for the Constitution. The Judges Club, in particular, continued to maintain its independence. This is illustrated in its study of the government's persistent efforts to stultify and intimidate civil associations.

Arab Reform Initiative (ARI)
"According to the study, if one looks at the provisions of Law No. 100 and its amendments under the title of ensuring syndicates’ democracy, they would find out that it only aims at assassinating democracy and undermining the competences of the syndicates’ general assemblies, he said.

"It affirmed that the law does not only violate Article 173 of the Constitution by not taking the opinion of the Supreme Council of Judicial Authorities, but it also violates the principle of the separation of powers and relies on judges to carry out administrative work. In addition, it uses judges to confiscate the right of syndicates’ members to choose their leaders."

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