Sunday, December 07, 2008

Soroush and the question of placing Islam in historical context

Dale Eickelman's decade-old piece remains a good starting point for situating Soroush among contemporary Muslim reformers.
Idea Lab - Who Wrote the Koran? -

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freshouttatime said...

the response of khameni about refuting with religious truths rather than declaring apostasy is a step in the right direction for intra-religious dialogue.

as for soroush and his claim, eh I started to think the same about prophethood as well; since prophets are inspired by God, do they themselves give content to the scripture.
but for the quran, and i'm hoping that iran comes up with a robust refutation of soroush, there is enough content in the quran indicating that muhammad doesn't say as he pleases but receives it from god via an angel. not to mention the whole satanic verse/abrogation incident.
Either way, to open up a debate on a sensitive issue and go about in a civil manner by the 'establishment' is a good thing.