Sunday, January 04, 2009

Following the Gaza war? Handy and quick real-time news sources [updated as needed]

Twitter: Gazanews, al-Jazeera (English), the Israeli MFA.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in occupied Palestine--daily updates.

Gaza bloggers: Nazek, Scotish medical volunteer, Oxfam, Human Rights workers, more coming.

Postings take longer, but YouTube often offers video coverage not available in the western media. This video features Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who has been volunteering since December 31, 2008. His commentary is compelling.

ADC offers a Gaza resource page.

Mideast Brief offers a number a timely links.

Quick on the draw updates, including links to relevant documents.

Lively, indeed cantankerous "debate" between Norman Finkelstein and Martin Indyk. [Indyk is clearly very annoyed that he had been juxtaposed to Finklestein, which is his privilege, but it unfortunate that his basic retort to the well-prepared Finklestein was to dismiss him as a "propagandist for Hamas" and to dismiss "his usual paraphernalia of legal apparatus." Indyk is denizen of the peace process, whereas Finklestein insists on going to first principles and the historical record as he interprets it.]

Add your recommended sources in comments please.


Aaron said...

Here is the GOI Tweet. Heavy on the propaganda of course.

Aaron said...

Here is the GOI Tweet. Heavy on the propaganda: