Sunday, January 04, 2009

Serious allegations that Israel is targeting protected personnel from an aid worker in Gaza

The blogger is a Scotish woman who has been apparently been in Gaza since July 2008. Here blog is focused on the medical realm.

In Gaza: "On 31st December, around 2 am, two emergency medical services personnel were targeted by an Israeli missile as they attempted to reach injured in the Jabaliya region, northern Gaza. The first died immediately, the second soon after of complications from his internal injuries.

"Two days later, 2 more medics were injured in the area east of Gaza, again in the line of duty, again trying to reach the injured.

"Under the Geneva Conventions, Israel is obliged to allow and ensure safe passage to medical personnel to the injured. Instead, Israel routinely targets them.

"At the Jabaliya Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) station, the team there tells me of their injuries. Half, they say, of emergency medics and drivers in Gaza have been injured by Israel while trying to perform the duties.

"One shows me a scar from a gunshot wound to his arm. Another tells of being twice injured: once, shot in the stomach, another time, also shot in the arm. The bullet holes in their ambulances speak for themselves."

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