Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hillary Clinton said nothing about settlements while visiting Israel and the occupied West Bank, but lower-level U.S. queries may be noteworthy

Meantime, the Mayor of Jerusalem basically accuses Hillary of spewing air when she complained about the destruction of Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

U.S. turns up heat on Israel over settlements - Haaretz - Israel News: "Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat responded by briefing foreign correspondents. According to the Washington Post, Barkat described Clinton's comments as 'a lot of air' and claimed that Clinton had been misled by the Palestinians. 'I totally reject the criticism,' Barkat said. 'It is a lot of air. There is no substance. Maybe it is because there is a new administration in the States. I am not willing to say the houses will remain houses. It is the wrong signal to send to people who break the law,' he added."

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