Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anyone with street savvy will recognize the game of hide the pea that the Israelis are playing with checkpoints, and a U.S. general may be busting it.

A succession of U.S. generals have been dispatched to Israel and Occupied Palestinian territories to monitor implementation of the Road Map, and to help the PA get its security act together. The names include Tony Zinni and Keith Dayton. Some of these generals have been up to their necks in efforts to topple Hamas and promote the Palestinian Authority. Thus, Dayton worked closely with M. Dahlan to build a force that displace Hamas in Gaza, and failed terribly.
More recently, Paul Silva has apparently been tasked by the Secretary of State to report on Israeli settlements and the operation of checkpoints in the West Bank. Silva's report, which Israel will try to gussy up, underlines that Israel is working at cross-purposes with the Obama administration. Provided that President Obama remains firmly committed to a two-state solution, the Silva report is yet another authoritative document that shows how Israel's actions put it on a collision path with the position of the U.S.
Report for Secretary Clinton: Israel Not Fulfilling Roadmap Conditions | Israel Policy Forum: "Yediot Acharonoth"

By way of The Mideast Peace Pulse.

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And how are the Palestinians doing on the Peace front?