Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Anxiety in Israel

For sixteen years Israel has had a "don't worry, be happy" relationship with the U.S. Bill Clinton and his more- Israeli-than the Israelis envoy, Dennis Ross, did a caricature of balanced peacemaker while doing nothing to ruffle Israeli officials or interfere with the colonization of the West Bank. As for George W. Bush, Israel enjoyed a blank diplomatic check.

In contrast, Barack Obama is telling it like it is, and he is more attentive to U.S. interests than either of his two predecessors. He is giving Israel what it needs, in calibrated doses. He understands that a little anxiety goes a long way. In some ways, he should be happy that Netanyahu is in place as prime minister because he affords the U.S. president to underline his position in ways that would be more difficult were a more deft Israeli prime minister in place. / Middle East - Israelis fear unravelling of US alliance

Added: Laura Rozen offers additional insights on the presented unified U.S. position on Israeli settlements.

As my own earlier postings note, it is very doubtful that Netanyahu can get the words "two-state solution" past his lips.

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