Monday, June 01, 2009

UN War Crimes Commission enters Gaza June 1, 2009

After Israel refused to grant the team headed by the highly respected Judge Richard Goldstone access to Gaza via Israel, the group entered Gaza today, June 1, 2009, via Egypt. Israel notes that "it is impossible to cooperate" with Goldstone because there is no way the findings may be objective, given the alleged inherent bias of the United Nations Human Rights Council that appointed Goldstone and the other members of his group. Thus, Israel impugns Goldstone and those working with him as incapable of drawing objective conclusions based on a careful weighing of audience.

""They have been instructed to prove that Israel is guilty and we will not collaborate with such a masquerade," foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told AP news agency."

This is a stupid defense that may fly with those consumed by paranoia, but it would be rather strange for a figure of Goldstone's stature to allow himself to be used as Israelis claim.

Behind the stonewalling there is little doubt that the real problem with Goldstone, for Israel, is the fact that any report that he puts is name on is very likely to be received as credible and fair minded. Since he has already expressed his concerns about the high numbers of civilian casualties in the Gaza war, Israel knew that there was a big risk that the war crimes accusations that have already been credibly placed would be validated by a man of international standing.

This is not to say that Hamas will be let off the hook either, since any serious report will have to take note of the group's intentional targeting of civilians.

Earlier post includes names of commission members. And see this very helpful posting from UN-Truth.

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