Friday, October 30, 2009

Goldstone Commission member Desmond Travers

"5. What is your view of the claim by Israeli officials that the IDF is the most “moral” army in the world?

"Given the tactics, the weapons used, and the indiscriminate targeting, I think this is a dubious claim."

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Anonymous said...


Did you order the killing of the 900 civilians, in Gaza, in January, in self-defense or did you kill them to save others?

Did you kill these non-combatants in order to terrorize the civilian population?

Were you aware that to kill civilians, except in self-defense, is a war crime?

Did your troops use banned white phosphorus as a chemical weapon to injure and kill?

If your soldiers are alleged by an independent enquiry to be guilty of war crimes,will they be handed over voluntarily to the ICC for trial?

In which event, will Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, the ministers directly responsible, be voluntarily be handed over to the authorities in The Hague, or will it be left to other governments to arrest them ?

colindale london