Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Statute of Limitatations for War Crimes ticks on

Moshe Yaalon, formerly Israel's military commander, feared arrest in Britain for his role in ordering indiscriminate attacks in Gaza in 2002. Despite the best efforts to bury the Goldstone report, one legacy of the report is almost certain to be the increasing erosion of Israel's moral legitimacy. U.S. officials have worked hard to sidetrack the Goldstone report, with the connivance of the PA, but it is unlikely that this ostrich approach will reduce the exposure of culpable Israeli officals to prosecution on foreign soil.
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel minister feared UK arrest

Meantime, the decision by Mahmoud 'Abbas to delay consideration of the Goldstone report until April, at the earliest, has provoked outrage among Palestinians and produced some fancy footwork from Palestinians officials who have been at pains to underline their support of Goldstone findings. Muhammad Dahlan, the displaced Gaza security chief, is an example. Meanwhile, Salim Fayyad, who heads the caretaker government, has been at pains to emphasize that he still supports the Goldstone report. Reports in the Arab press, as well as credible English language sources reveal that pressure is growing on 'Abbas to resign.

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