Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AIPAC sees the Obama Adminstration's statements as a matter of "serious concern"

Here is AIPAC's recipe for dealing with Israel, "America's closest ally in the Middle East":

  • U.S. should immediately defuse tensions with Israel.
  • Make no public demands on Israel; work privately.
  • Don't impose any deadlines on Israel.
  • Don't criticize Israel.

The statement makes no attempt to reflect U.S. interests, which implies that U.S. interests must coincide with Israel's. Moreover, there is nary a mention of the recent actions of the Netanyahu government, including the rude welcome extended to the U.S. Vice President. Instead, all the onus is on the White House, which aIPAC condescends to lecture as though Barack Obama were an impetuous schoolboy.

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