Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you follow events on the Israel-Palestine front, you already know that the Goldstone Report has been very much vindicated by Israeli investigations and prosecutions

I do want to post Yaniv Reich's important comment on the Goldstone Report.  Reich summarizes the war crimes and other violations that were first reported in the Report that have been subsequently admitted by Israeli authorities (July 2010 report by Israeli military).  As Reich notes, many of the mendacious critics of Judge Richard Goldstone should be on their knees apologizing.  First in line should be Harvard's Alan Dershowitz who described Goldstone as a latter day Dr. Mengele.
According to informed sources, several of the investigations are still being stonewalled within the IDF, so there are still some shoes to drop.

[I have had little time to post these past months because I have been working on some new projects, including an initiative on Iraq, which I will describe here in due course.]

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