Saturday, February 12, 2011

17 Human Rights NGOs in Egypt list their demands for consolidating the "January 25 Revolution"

February 12, 2010

First: Abolishing the permanent constitution of year 1971, forming a Constituent Assembly to set a new constitution which establishes a civil state, enhances rights and freedom, ensures the peaceful transition of power, limits the absolute powers of the president, protects the principle of the separation of powers, ensures the full independence of the judicial power, prevents the executive power to
interfere in the functions of the other two powers, protects the peoples’ will of choosing his president and representatives, allow the freedom of opinion and expression, possession and issue of newspapers, and formation of political parties and associations in accordance with the international instruments ratified by Egypt and recognized worldwide.

Second: forming a transitional government representing all the effective powers to help the state leave behind it such era.

Third: taking the urgent measures and procedures to abolish the Emergency Law imposed on the state since 1981, the immediate release of the detainees without prosecution, re-prosecution of the condemned people who are prosecuted before by exceptional courts.

Fourth: Calling for fair and transparent parliamentary and presidential elections under the new constitution.

Fifth: taking the procedures urgent for the judicial pursuit of those involved in the murder of the revolution’s martyrs who exploited their powers to collect wealth and loot the state’s one, in addition to restoring such wealth.

Sixth: the judicial pursuit of the Minister of Mass Media and the media leaders who stimulated hatred against the demonstrators which in turn led to the death of many people.

Seventh: dissolving the State Security Service as it is accountable for the awful breaches of human rights and the spread of torture and oppression in the previous era.

Eighth: the instant suspension of any death penalty issued against any citizen in the previous era to set the stage for the death penalty abolishment.

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