Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Bahraini Poppycock

King Hamad today attributed the recent demonstrations to "an external plot has been fomented for 20 to 30 years for the ground to be ripe for subversive designs."  His Royal Highness was grateful that plot did not succeed: "Such subversive designs are not however possible, whether in Bahrain or in any other GCC country, thank goodness," he added, according to a report by the Bahrain News Agency. "I here announce the failure of the fomented subversive plot."

Now that the monarch has squashed this plot with a little help for Saudi Arabia and the UAE, perhap he would turn his attention to the attacks last week on Bahrain's respected (and only) opposition paper, al-Wasat.  Perhaps he can uncover who plotted to attack al-Wasat.  The paper continues be be actively undermined by the regime, according to usually informed commenters.

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