Sunday, November 11, 2012

"How we became Israel": Thoughtful essay by my colleague Andrew Bacevich

"The government of Israel, along with ardently pro-Israel Americans like Michael Gerson, may view the convergence of U.S. and Israeli national-security practices with some satisfaction. The prevailing American definition of self-defense—a self-assigned mandate to target anyone anywhere thought to endanger U.S. security—is exceedingly elastic. As such, it provides a certain cover for equivalent Israeli inclinations. And to the extent that our roster of enemies overlaps with theirs—as in the case of Iran—military action ordered by Washington just might shorten Jerusalem’s to-do list. Yet where does this all lead?"

The essay appears in the November issue of Harper's.  America's transition from being a state committed to "peace through harmony" to become a state committed to "peace through domination", is worthy of reflection as the Obama administration hits the inaugural reset button.

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