Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Boston University Institute for Iraqi Studies has named Dr. Reidar Visser its newest Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Watch the website in the coming days for a posting. Reidar Visser is highly regarded for his analyses of Iraqi politics for his deep knowledge of southern Iraq.  
Dr. Visser has written extensively on the subject of federalism and regionalism in southern Iraq and Iraqi nationalism among the Shiites. His works include the monograph Basra, the Failed Gulf State: Separatism and Nationalism in Southern Iraq (Transaction Publishers, 2006), An Iraq of Its Regions: Cornerstones of a Federal Democracy? (Edited with Gareth Stansfield, Columbia University Press, 2007), and A Responsible End? The United States and the Iraqi Transition, 2005–2010(Just World Books, 2010).  Visser studied history and comparative politics at the University of Bergen and received a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford. He joined the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, where he is a Senior Research Fellow, in 1996.

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