Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Crucial Water Question in Gaza

Print: "The 1.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip consume about 150 million cubic meters a year, 90 million more than the renewal potential of the section of the coastal aquifer in the Strip. The overpumping causes seawater to infiltrate the aquifer, which together with the infiltration of sewage water from cesspools and neglected infrastructure, makes 90 percent of the water for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip non-potable.

Years before the disengagement was discussed, the water system of Gaza was severed from that of the country as a whole. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip were occupied, the number of residents on both sides of the Green Line increased and water consumption habits changed and the summers are becoming hotter, but Israel, which controls the water sources in the entire country, continued to impose autarchy on the Gaza water system, as though the Strip were a self-sustained desert island."

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