Monday, September 05, 2005

Egyptian Electoral Commission doesn't like the tune of Ayman Nour's ad

The Peninsula On-line: Qatar's leading English Daily: "Egypt�s presidential electoral commission has banned leading opposition candidate Ayman Nour�s campaign television spot on the grounds the theme song had been plagiarised, Nour�s spokeswoman said yesterday.
Gamila Ismail branded the move �one of the dirtiest tricks of the campaign� for the September 7 presidential poll and blamed President Hosni Mubarak�s camp, alleged by the opposition to hold sway over the electoral commission.
�We can�t start our television campaign because the committee says it has received a complaint from someone who claims property of the song. We are in deep trouble now because the song can be heard throughout the clip,� she said.
The song was commissioned by Nour�s Ghad party to a young Nubian singer called Khaled Yusef but the commission alleges that it draws heavily on another song by poet Kawthar Mustafa used in a film by the famed Yusef Chahine. "

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