Tuesday, November 08, 2005

President Bush's Walkabout - New York Times

Few Americans appreciate how formidable the White House spin factory can be. Indeed until 2005 that factory managed to hide the questionable competence of the president. Now that the factory is in disrepair many people are getting their first glimpse of the mediocrity that occupies the White House. I share the Times' hope--for the sake of the nation--that Bush find it within himeself to govern competently.President Bush's Walkabout - New York Times: "Mr. Bush cannot fire Mr. Cheney, but he could do what other presidents have done to vice presidents: keep him too busy attending funerals and acting as the chairman of studies to do more harm. Mr. Bush would still have to turn his administration around, but it would at least send a signal to the nation and the world that he was in charge, and the next three years might not be as dreadful as they threaten to be right now."

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