Saturday, January 14, 2006

Europe agency says U.S. is abusing rights

Chicago Tribune Europe agency says U.S. is abusing rights: "The head of a European investigation into alleged CIA prisons on the continent on Friday accused the United States of violating international human-rights law in its struggle against terrorism.

Dick Marty, the Swiss lawmaker leading the investigation on behalf of the Council of Europe, said there is no question the CIA is undertaking illegal activities in Europe in its transportation and detention of terrorist suspects.

'The strategy in place today respects neither human rights nor the Geneva Conventions,' Marty said at a news conference in Burgdorf. 'The current administration in Washington is trying to combat terrorism outside legal means, the rule of law.'

The Council of Europe, the continent's main human-rights watchdog, began its investigation after allegations surfaced in November that U.S. agents interrogated key Al Qaeda suspects at clandestine prisons in Eastern Europe and transported some suspects to other countries through Europe."

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