Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S.: Husni who?

Christine Amanpour  (January 30, 2011) to  Sameh Shoukry, the Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S.:  "Do you expect President Mubarak to survive in power?"  He answers that the people of Egypt have shown solidarity and that every loyal Egyptian will contribute to the nation, and he never mentions Mubarak.  

In other words, dear readers, Mubarak is history.

"Would you like President to stay in power?"
Later, on Jan. 30, Ambassador Shoukry appears on CNN (12:15 EST).   He notes that it is up to the people, civil society, national dialogue to determine the future of Egypt.  When asked about Mubarak, he avoids any affirmation of President Mubarak, and refers to the Egyptians peoples' aspirations.  He refers to the importance of Egypt's institutions, never letting the president's name pass his lips.
He denies that Muhammad Baradei was under house arrest, incidentially.


freshouttatime said...

does this mean suleiman and shafiq are out too?
will they even negotiate with the opposition?
and is elbaradei the appropriate face of the opposition?
i'm a little skeptical of him...he's been nothing but a talking head under house arrest all week.

the dour goat said...

"He denies that Muhammad Baradei was under house arrest, incidentially."

He's not, he was shown on Al Jazeera speaking at Tahrir Square a few hours ago.

arn said...

The dour goat is obviously correct. The house arrest report stems from Friday, when it was reported that Baradei had been surrounded by police in Giza. The original report was from al-Jazeera Arabic: