Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The UN, Bolton and America's Priorities "Think of it this way: It's as if the most powerful nations of the world are saying to the U.N.'s staff, 'How come you haven't brought about world peace the way you promised?' Does this really seem like the right place to put the onus?

For all its difficulties, it is remarkable what can be accomplished through the United Nations when governments close ranks behind it: keeping pressure on Syria over Lebanon, immunizing children and getting them into school, inspecting nuclear programs, caring for millions of refugees, reversing Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait.

Unfortunately, though, just when we need it most, international unity is in short supply. Today's global challenges — terror networks, failing states, extreme poverty, nuclear proliferation — demand cooperation among the broadest possible global alliance. America's job as a superpower is to take the lead in building this unified international front. Our national security will suffer if we don't. We could look around one day and wonder why there are no international partners to help. The deputy secretary-general does America a favor, not a disservice, to remind us of this."

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