Thursday, July 20, 2006

Beirut To Tehran - Beirut To Tehran: "While Israel-centred neo-conservatives have been the most aggressive in arguing that Hezbollah's July 12 cross-border attack could only have been carried out with Iran's approval, if not encouragement, that view has been largely accepted and echoed by the mainstream media, as well as other key political factions, including liberal internationalists identified with the Democratic Party.

”In my reading, this is the beginning of what was a very similar process in the period, between (the 9/11 terrorist attacks against New York and the Pentagon) and the Iraq war,” according to Gregory Gause, who teaches Middle East politics at the University of Vermont.

”While neo-cons took the lead in opinion formation then, eventually there was something approaching consensus in the American political class that war with Iraq was a necessary part of remaking the Middle East to prevent future 9/11s,” he said."

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