Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israel Tells Residents to Evacuate From Southern Lebanon

Israel Tells Residents to Evacuate From Southern Lebanon: "Israel on Thursday told Lebanese residents to leave the southern sector of the country below the Litani River within 24 hours. The warning came a day after punishing airstrikes killed more than 50 people across Lebanon in the deadliest day since hostilities erupted July 12.

Some 600 people, many of them relatives of United Nations workers or U.N. staffers deemed nonessential, were being evacuated to a cruise ship off the war-ravaged city of Tyre, which lies several miles south of the Litani River. Many who remain in the port city appeared to be stranded , lacking -- with banks shuttered, gasoline scarce and bombed roadways nearly unnavigable -- the money or means to flee."

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