Monday, July 10, 2006

Egypt MPs amend press libel law

For more than a decade the Egyptian government has been working to tighten the screws on press freedom. In some cases, as with Press Law 93, the press, and particularly the press syndicate, has pushed back successfully, but the general trend has been toward increased punishments for journalists who expose wrongdoing by government officials. The Daily Star offers a good editorial on the bill.
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egypt MPs amend press libel law: "Egyptian MPs have passed controversial new publishing laws, after President Hosni Mubarak had some clauses allowing journalists to be jailed removed.

The changes failed to dampen opposition among press freedom groups, who say the government intends to silence critics.

Mr Mubarak pledged two years ago to end custodial sentences for the media but has failed to act on his promise.

The amendment allows increased fines for those making defamatory corruption allegations against officials."

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