Saturday, July 15, 2006

Iran's Spurned Package deal of 2003 Print Page: World -- Any Chance for Peacemaking? What the Players Want: "Iran's growing reach may also raise the incentives for Washington to seek a 'grand bargain' with Tehran that would stabilize relations based on addressing Iran's demand for a normalization of its diplomatic status and security guarantees if it satisfactorily addresses Western concerns over its nuclear program and support for the likes of Hizballah and Hamas. (In a spurned Iranian overture to Washington in 2003 revealed by former National Security Council Middle East director Flynt Leverett and also by Colin Powell's former chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson,� Iran reportedly offered to discuss ways in which Hizballah could be converted into a purely political organization.) "

Daily Kos provides some detail, as does TWN, and Gareth Porter writing in the Asia Times.

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Anonymous said...

Iran will never abandon Hezb'allah. Soon enough more Iranian cruise missiles will rain down on the zionists. And soon enough they will send a nuclear bomb their way. After almost 40 years of western leftist support they are finally ready to clean up the zionist mess.