Friday, August 04, 2006

Further on past Lebanese casualties by a Daily Star reader

The Daily Star - Readers' Letters: "Will Israel ever learn?

First person Dalia Khalil

Israel's aggression against Lebanon is 38 years old. Fast forward through the killing and rubble suffered by Lebanon between 1968 and 2006, and you witness one horrific deja-vu after another of the same Israeli objectives that have failed to see the light time and again. Two cases in point are the July 1993 and April 1996 assaults. On both counts, Israel's objectives were exactly the same as those we endure today. And on both counts, Israel has simply failed.
In July 1993, an Israeli aggression was launched on Lebanon with three clear objectives: disarming Hizbullah and rendering it inactive by way of a fierce military offensive; breaking the party's relationship with the populace; and exerting pressure on the Lebanese government to take the necessary steps that should impede resistance activity.
United Nations sources counted 1,224 air raids and more than 28,000 shells during the July 1993 Israeli assault. Hizbullah executed 30 military operations during the seven-day invasion, targeting Israeli military bases along the occupied borderline, hitting 10 bases at a time in spite of continuous Israeli aerial raids covering the skies of Lebanon, hitting only civilian targets. In total 140 civilians died, including 13 members of Hizbullah.

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