Friday, August 04, 2006

Inevitably, Israell's war in Lebanon propels heightened sectarian sentiments in Shi'i communities across the Middle East.

In Iraq, there is already a robust insurgency, and an accelerating civil war. Should the Shi'a begin to attack U.S. troops because of the proxy war in Lebanon, the situation there would quickly become untenable.
Would somebody please wake up President Bush, who seems to have dozed off.

Aljazeera.Net - Iraq's Shias march for Hezbollah: "Iraq's state television said the defence ministry had approved the demonstration, a sign of the public anger over Israel's offensive in Lebanon and of al-Sadr's stature as a major player in Iraqi politics.

'I consider my participation in this rally a religious duty. I am proud to join this crowd and I am ready to die for the sake of Lebanon,' said Khazim al-Ibadi, 40, a government employee from Hillah."

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