Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Voice the Bush adminstration enjoys ignoring

Armitage laments Lebanon invasion - World - theage.com.au: "He said it was understandable that Israel wanted to retrieve kidnapped soldiers and to make Hezbollah pay a price, but 'it's inexplicable that we would hold their coat for them and let them do it'.
Mr Armitage said that not only did Hezbollah fight well, it also handed out goods and services to people that the Lebanese Government was either unwilling or unable to do.
No Arab government could have done as well, he said.
'So what we have is a non-government organisation taking the place of a government, electrifying the streets of the Middle East with their boldness and, temporarily, it meant that Israeli invincibility was shattered,' he said.
'It is inexplicable why the US did this. Lebanon is much the worst off, Syria is in a much better position and Iran is in a fabulous position because of their backing for Hezbollah.'"

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