Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Iran Will Help Lebanon with Air Defenses - Kommersant Moscow

One can be sure that there are many efforts underway right now to dissuade the Lebanese government from accepting Iran's generosity, but it is a predictable consequence of Israel's brazen continuation of its violations of Lebanon's airspace in face of widespread requests that they stop. Of course, the US has not joined those who asked for an end to the overflights, which for Israel is all that matters.
Iran Will Help Lebanon with Air Defenses - Kommersant Moscow: "Iran Will Help Lebanon with Air Defenses
Tehran has officially confirmed its intentions of supplying the Lebanese Army with modern antiaircraft missiles. Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad-Reza Sheibani announced that his country would supply Lebanon with the missiles after he met with Lebanese Army Gen. Michel Suleiman.
At present, Lebanon has only outdated artillery that poses no threat to modern military aircraft.

Iran successfully tested two new types of guided missile, one antitank missile and one antiaircraft missile, on Saturday. That country is now conducting Great Prophet 2 military exercises in the south of the country. The ten-day maneuvers involve infantry, the air force and the navy. Long-range ballistic missiles, anti-ship missiles and hi-tech aviation bombs have also been tested during the exercises. "

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