Monday, July 16, 2007

Norton and Roy--The US approach to the Palestinian territories is inviting disaster

Yes, you can work with Hamas |

Also see this Boston Globe article.

S. Erlanger in the NYTimes also picks up on the need for a finer grained approach to Hamas. nuance in Bush


Anonymous said...

Professor Norton,

With due respect, I believe the next article in the csmonitor might be called "No, You Can't Work With Hamas" if Matthew Levitt pushes for a quid pro quo.

The business of Hamas in the past has been to explode truces, not engage in them: what signs have you seen that they might be willing to walk away from their core mission and try to find accomodation?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

William deB. Mills said...

According to a scenario analysis of the future of the Palestinian-Israeli dispute that I recently updated, events in Palestine—both during the whole period since the January 2006 Hamas electoral victory as well as since the fracture of Palestine last month--overwhelmingly point to escalating confrontation and open the door wide to greater Iranian influence. Whether or not this constitutes “disaster” of course depends on one’s perspective. In any case, the steps you outline would dramatically reverse the current trend toward intensified confrontation.