Sunday, October 14, 2007

Naharnet: new Hezbollah militia?

Naharnet News Desk

This report, sourced to the Kuwaiti newspaper as-Siyassah, has the scent of misinformation, if not dis-info. The notion that Hezbollah has formed a 50,000 man militia suggests that the group has embarked on a completely novel form of organization. The success of Hezbollah stems from its use of a relatively small cadre of highly-trained and well organized specialists, around whom a reserve form is mobilized for specific missions or purposes (such as responding to Israel's assault in 2006). Even when large numbers of "reservists" are mobilized, as in July and August 2006, the numbers are in the thousands not the tens of thousands.

I would hold this report at arm's length and do a sniff test.

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