Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bush and his blather

You have to wonder, and I mean this as a serious question, does George Bush understand utter hypocrisy that he epitomizes in so many places around the world? Here we have a president who has espoused democracy withHosni Mubarak, a leader who mocks and superficially placates the democracy project, and that same leader is praised for "democratic reform." At the least, the president needs to find some new speech writers. This is beyond embarrassing, it is pitiful.

Bush says Egypt on path to 'political openness' - Los Angeles Times: "He made no mention of the Egyptian government's continued crackdowns on dissent and the jailing of an opposition presidential candidate.

"With President Hosni Mubarak standing expressionless beside him, Bush said journalists, bloggers and judges in Egypt were 'insisting on independence' and, along with civic and religious leaders, were 'determined to build a democratic future.'

"He said the Egyptian leader had moved his nation toward 'economic openness . . . and democratic reform.'

"But, in a diplomatic nudge, he said: 'My hope is that the Egyptian government will build on these important steps and give the people of this proud nation a greater voice in [Egypt's] future. I think it will lead to peace, and I think it will lead to justice.'"

Make it a point to read Maureen Dowd's column, "Faith, Freedom and Bling in the Middle East. " It is one her very best, perhaps ever.

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