Thursday, January 17, 2008

Priceless H.D.S. Greenway

Greenway: If tears could spur victory - International Herald Tribune

"BOSTON: The night of the New Hampshire primary I dreamt I was present at a secret meeting between George Washington and General Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown. Washington entered Cornwallis's tent, sweeping off his tri-cornered hat as the fate of America hung in the balance.

""Gee, George, I love your new wig. It's perfect. How do you do it? How do you keep upbeat and so wonderful?" Cornwallis asked.

""It's not easy, it's not easy, Charles," said the father of his country, softly. "And I couldn't do it if I just didn't, you know, passionately believe it was the right thing to do."

"As tears welled in his eyes, and his voice choked, Washington said: "You know I have so many opportunities from this country - I just don't want to see us fall backwards. So, you know, this is very personal for me. It's not just political. It's not just public. And thanks about the wig."

"Visibly moved, the Marquis thought for a moment. He had been considering a breakout from the surrounding French and American troops. The polls all showed Great Britain winning the war. But he turned to Washington and promised he would surrender his army on the morrow. It was what they call a defining moment in the long campaign, and Washington rode it to the White House."


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