Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The roused Egyptian masses--الشعب المصري

An Egyptian intellectual who I have known for many years was reflecting some time ago on silence of the masses. He noted that without popular pressure on the government political reform would be long in coming, but he worried that when the people were roused, it would be hard to contain the anger. As I have noted here before, the lesson of the 1977 bread riots was perhaps forgotten in the West, has never left the minds of regime elites.

As one Youtube commenter said in an Arabic comment on the linked clip, it will be hard the army and the state-run media to sustain the fiction that the masses love Mubarak. Indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed the masses love mubarak and so does the CIA and the back channels of the american clandestine foreign service........ And you should count your lucky stars that they do or else one would be looking at a gaza of 80 million and no one wants that!!!!! Give Me An Enlightened quasi-monarchical dictatorship any day over a free and transparent election where the MLB wins by a landslide......YES ITS WRONG UGLY AND DOWN RIGHT UNCONTIONIBLE WHAT THE SECURITY FORCES ARE PURPOTRATING..........BUT IT SURE HELL BEATS THE BEARDED AND EMBARGOED ALTERNATIVE.........