Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sadat film shakes diplomatic relations

Since 1999 there have been off and on discussions in Cairo about restoring diplomatic ties with Iran (each government maintains in interest section in one another's country). A major issue remains Iran's penchant for extolling Khalid el-Islambouli, the assassin. The release of a new movie shown on Iran's "al-Alam" TV.
Thus, any talk of restoring ties is once again off.

Sadat film shakes diplomatic relations - The National Newspaper

"Egypt’s ministry of interior said it took the action because the station did not have a broadcasting licence, but it is widely believed that the cause was a documentary about the assassination of Anwar Sadat, Egypt’s late president, that said he was killed for signing a peace agreement with Israel.

"“Issuing such an ugly movie is an outrageous crime, which violates Islamic Sharia [law],” said the Islamic Research Academy, which is affiliated with Al Azhar, the highest Sunni institute based in Cairo, in a statement. “The rift won’t be bridged unless this silly film is burnt.”"

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